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Today, with tons of pretty colors and patterns of tapes to choose from, duct tape crafts have come a long way but theres no denying that wallets are fun, practical, and popular to make. This is a tutorial on how to make a duct tape wallet, which most people would consider a slick wallet. For the exposed sticky ends of the tape, just tape it over to the sheet. Itz duct tape, the most versatile tape, now available in the most beautiful colours with the most fun motifs. Jul 14, 2006 this will be the outside of the wallet, and ive added stripes of different colored tape to make it unique. But simple as they may seem, theres a right way and a wrong way. What youre making right now is the center of the wallet this is where cash typically will go inside. Duct tape of duck tape, any colors scissors gift card or credit card to help measure.

How to craft a duck tape 90s inspired envelope wallet youtube. All you need is a pair of scissors and a roll of duct tape specifically the thinner cheaper kind, as ducttapestuff explains makes for an easyfolding wallet. This is where you can learn how to make the most beautiful creations and decorations using itz duct tape. Joann will accept them all and let you use multiples in one transaction to get the duct tape cheaply. The wallet built in this activity is inspired from the duct tape wallet in a kids guide to awesome duct tape projects. Learn how to craft a diy flip wallet using duck tape brand duct tape in this easy craft tutorial from diy blogger and youtuber mr. Okay, so many of you know how to make a duct tape wallet, so i will start from the part where you add the bow, and latch. The wallets can be used for money, coupons, or receipts when you are onthego. Time to have some fun with duct tape and go through some great tutorials on how to make duct tape wallet. We were so excited to find superman, mario, and angry birds duct tape at target. Learn how to craft a diy 90s inspired envelope wallet using duck tape brand duct tape in this easy craft tutorial from diy crafter, karen kavett. First, i love in the video how they use parchment paper because the duct tape peels off so easily. Alternatively, you can buy a wallet that i made by going here and visiting my gallery.

Again, you may wish to cut them a little longer in case of mistakes. The wallet that we are making can fit 10 cards and has a money pouch. Creative colors and styles help you easily customize easily. Duct tape wallet how to make a duct tape wallet how to by. Duct tape comes in myriad colors and patterns, so you can customize a wallet any way you want. Duct, diy brush holder how to make tree trunk holder of paper mache tutorial, how to make a wreath ring out of pool noodles or trampoline foam sleeves, duct tape womans wallet new design with zipper. We talked about what it means to be a daisy and what we will do over the next year service projects, field trips, etc. Sep 08, 2015 the duct tape wallet was part of our first meeting, during the meeting the girls also earned their first badge the daisy center. Open your wallet and lay it out flat with the inside facing up. It is one of the projects from the duct tape book by jolie dobson. How to make a duct tape wallet my friend georgia stopped by the other day to show me a really cool duct tape wallet shed purchased. See more ideas about duct tape, duck tape and duct tape crafts.

Instructions unclear, stuck my lips on the duct tape. This tutorial creates a compartment for dollar bills, slots for credit cards, a photo id window and even hidden pockets. I sell squishies, and duct tape crafts check out my videos if you are interested in crafting. Myductbills duct tape wallet kits comes with stepbystep instructions written. I was in walmart and saw all these cool awesome duct tape colors and designs. This duct tape wallet is quick and easy to make with just a few common household items. Duct tape tote bag tutorial save your coupons for michaels, joann, ac moore and hobby lobby. You will need to make a duct tape sheet that is 8 12 inches wide by 7 inches. You will need duck tape, any colors im using three different colors to show the parts easier.

Duct tape wallet card pockets confederated tribes of the. The strips you use to tape the pocket in place should. Diy no sew tote bag duct tape used as stabilizer and bias tape diy no sew tote bag this looks soo easy great idea hello there, i am a huge fan of missglamorazzi. This project can be built with just three simple tools a ruler, scissors and duct tape. Latch and bow duct tape wallet how to make a duct tape. Cut out pieces of duct tape just wide enough and long enough to tape the sides and bottom of the pocket to the wallet.

The tutorial is sped up so please pause the video when necessary. I bought one for him the previous xmas and it was extremely gooey and gross after 1 year of wear. Apr 17, 20 in this tutorial, i am going to try and explain how to make a duct tape wallet. Duct tape wallets are so fun to make, and cool to show off to others. So here are some additional design ideas for wallets, based on video games, comic books, and even food items. Some of these photos were from another duct tape project i made, so the colors are different, but the process is the same. It is also extremely strong practically indestructible and functional. By following these easy folding instructions, youll have yourself your very own unique duct tape wallet complete with bill fold, credit card slots, coin pouch and more. Hope this was helpful, any questions email me, pm me or comment below. Sep 19, 2012 youll want to make a sheet of duct tape.

I hoped that you guys like this wallet and this is my first one of this type so it might be not the best. Duct tape purses for my niece who loves duct tape crafts. So i know there are already a bunch of these but here is my easy duct tape wallet. If you like this, be sure to give it a thumbs up and if you want a tutorial. Duct, diy brush holder how to make tree trunk holder. Duct tape now comes in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to make a very unique wallet. Colored duct tape makes a more fashionable diy duct tape wallet, but the regular old gray stuff works just fine, too. How to make a duct tape wallet with pictures wikihow.

How to make a duct tape wallet easy inner child fun. At etsy, we pride ourselves on our global community of sellers. By supporting jduct, youre supporting a small business, and, in turn, etsy. This creative craft allows anyone to easily turn a roll of duct tape into a useful, eyecatching wallet. Jun 02, 2017 duct tape crafts are all the rage these days and so this summer i wanted to see if making a duct tape wallet was as easy as it looks.

Hybrid bifold wallet in silver at amazon mens clothing. This video demonstrates how to create a purse out of duct tape. How to make a duct tape wallet easy method with pictures. I loved their idea but could not find written directions for it so i decided to create my own. I made this for my teen summer reading program at my library. Super easy step by step instructions that will definitely help you made your first wallet. Jun 29, 2015 this duct tape water bottle holder comes from a youtube video.

How to make your own wallets, bags, flowers, hats, and much, much more. A duct tape sheet is the basis for most duct tape projects, and you will need to make some to create a duct tape wallet. Just and update on my new tapes, some duct tape hats, a beach bag video, tutorials on the duct tape hats, duct tape wallets, hello kitty duct tape, pink and black zebra duct tape, white and black d. Duct tape has a new found popularity in the crafting world, so the idea of a duct tape wallet probably is not new. Please let me know if you like the format, and if not, what you would like changed. If you too have always wondered how to make a duct tape wallet we will show you how with this step by step tutorial. Tim nyberg, with jim berg, started the duct tape craze in 1994 with the publication of their bestselling the duct tape book. Learn how to craft a diy book cover using duck tape brand duct tape in this easy craft tutorial from diy and lifestyle youtuber laurdiy. Duct tape wallet grade 4 instructions for making a duct tape wallet appendix a step 1 cut 10 strips of duct tape 17. Learn how to craft a diy accordion wallet using duck tape brand duct tape in this easy craft tutorial from diy and lifestyle youtuber laurdiy. There is no limit to the number of cool patterns you can achieve with duct tape.

If you want a more sturdy wallet, add some cardboard to your duct tape fabric, and you can also make the fabric a bit bigger and have this same project work for a cell phone case wallet. For proficient duct tape enthusiasts, pictures can give creative ideas for brand new interesting patterns. You can find duct tape in a wide variety of beautiful patterns. You can also cut strips of duct tape to add patterns or bursts of colors, like red, blue, or pink.

Each etsy seller helps contribute to a global marketplace of creative goods. They are relentless proselytizers for duct tape and host the hugely popular, megaawardwinning. Learn how to craft a diy wallet using duck tape brand duct tape in this easy craft tutorial from diy crafter kristy. The duct tape helps to make the wallets quite sturdy. This video shows how to make a duct tape wallet with step by step instructions.

Jan 29, 20 hope this was helpful, any questions email me, pm me or comment below. Instructions and pdf document to make a wallet out of tape. I tried watching other videos, but i got frustrated. How to make a trifold wallet from duct tape wonderhowto. One of the most featured crafts on youtube is the trendy duct tape wallet. Learn how to craft a diy l wallet using duck tape brand duct tape in this easy craft tutorial from diy crafter and duct taper simply duck.

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