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This then helps them discover what primary emotions they are feeling, as well as how emotions combine to create secondary emotions like awe, remorse. Good for counselors, social workers, teachers, and anyone who would like to go deeper into understanding emotions of self and others. Learn to describe your feelings with help of this feelings chart. If you are not familiar with the 12 step support group adult children of alcoholics aca acoa. The wheel of feelings is a literary or thereapeutic tool for lending precision to fear, anger, disgust, sadness, happiness and. Steering wheel for pc download windows 7, 8, 10, xp.

I stress the importance of type as being aware of their feelings and. The outer wheel contains common responses to those feelings. As you can see, the middle wheel contains more specific versions of the feelings in the central wheel. Borrowed temporarily and without permission from geoffrey roberts. Useful for study of emotion focused therapy eft as well. You can choose from many different ways to play the feelings wheel game. Use this wheel to help communicate and express how you feel. As you introduce the wheel talk about the fact that all emotions are helpful, even the big and overwhelming ones and that making an emotions wheel can help us to identify how we are feeling at any given time. Enter the feelings wheel, which will help you pinpoint an adjective to accurately reflect how youre feeling. The feeling wheel is a simple tool to help you put language to your emotions that goes deeper than good or bad. Utilizing it as a twodimensional circle lets the individual dive into the emotion wheel.

Use imoms feel wheel to help your children identify the emotions theyre experiencing. The real life racing feeling is what you will get in the game steering wheel for pc. How to use the feeling wheel in my book im a type ahow the heck will i ever retire. Learn how to use a feeling wheel to expand the depth of your personal eft sessions. There are two ways to use the wheel, either as a twodimensional circle or a threedimensional ellipse.

Feelings wheel 2011 feelings wheel 1 university of oregon. Based on the feeling wheel, which was developed by dr. Players can talk about a recent memorable personal situation when they land on. Feelings wheel that helps you describe emotions simplemost.

So for instance when youre excited you might be more daring, and when you feel hurt you might become more distant. The task which you have to fulfill in the game is to control the car in the. May be duplicated for personal use and for teaching nonviolent communication. The feelings wheel adult children of alcoholics arizona. Download a free printable wallchart of the feeling wheel.

Sometimes, its difficult to put feelings into words. Petersburg fl 33743 soqeeo apa sleepy bored tired content z overwhelmed anxious excited daring sensuous u. Improve your vocabulary with the wheel of feelings. How to use a feeling wheel with eft nathan martin youtube. The feelings wheel this chart may help you identify how you feel, and help lead you to the source of that feeling. Use the feelings wheel game for overcoming low self esteem. The clinical skills osce center, located on the third floor of the school of medicine building, is used for simulated patient education, clinical skills education, and other educational experiences. For those who are interested in using the feeling wheel ive created a highresolution version that you can print off in a4 or a3 format and stick on your wall at home. For example, if you feelings wheel that helps you describe emotions simplemost. Based on nonviolent communication by marshall rosenberg, ph.

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