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Arlington s highdensity transit corridor is considered a model example of transit oriented development, particularly because strong political will, community. Increase the supply of housing by encouraging a variety of housing types in and near metro station areas. Fiscal impacts of transitoriented development projects. As the county undertakes planning efforts for various sections of the county.

Pquality of countys human services vulnerable, lowincome, children, homeless, persons with mental illnessintellectual. Transit oriented development tod is a responsible fiscal choice for local governments and can actually save local governments money, as detailed in fiscal impacts of transitoriented development tod projects. In arlington, virginia, transitoriented development tod principles were incorporated within proximity to five metro stations. Urban forms and pedestrian, transitoriented urban design fang ke sr. Mixeduse, transitoriented development in arlington, virginia. It is centered around the court house stop on the orange line and the silver line of the washington metro although arlington is so geographically small that it does not have component towns or cities, the courthouse neighborhood is sometimes referred to as county seat, as it is home to the. The jordan has won numerous design awards for its architecture, is certified by earthcraft, and contains 90 units of housing for special needs and lowincome residents. The environmental financial advisory oard efa or the oard was charged by your office with developing information regarding financing tools and. Development activity in 2016 included the completion of 11 mixeduse projects in the rosslynballston and jefferson davis corridors. How your city can succeed in transit oriented development. The motivation of this study is to explore about transit oriented development tod, its parameters and principles. Oriented development on existing transit line, and extend key local transit and road connections to create more connected, walkable communities. To improve walkingbicycling access and build out transit.

Promoting opportunity through equitable transitoriented. The result was a highdensity, mixeduse, infill development linked by five metro stations that make up the rosslynballston corridor. There is a need to manage urban and regional growth, revitalise. Access and sustainability objectives december 9, 2014. Art arlington transit operates within arlington county, virginia, supplementing metrobus with crosscounty routes as well as neighborhood connections to metrorail and virginia railway express. Comprehensive studies and plans laid the foundation to allow for development while preserving the character of arlington s residential neighborhoods in what was the beginning of smart growth and transit oriented development in arlington. More commonly known as tod, it is the practice of creating vibrant, walkable, mixeduse communities surrounding transit stations. It promotes a symbiotic relationship between dense, compact urban form and public transport use. The effect of transitoriented development in arlington.

This dissertation includes case studies of areas that show the benefits of tod and how it is making public transportation feasible near stations and. Histories of transitoriented development 1 introduction peter calthorpe codified the concept of transitoriented development tod in the late 1980s and, while others had promoted similar concepts and contributed to the design, tod became a fixture of modern planning when calthorpe published the new american metropolis in 1993. He serves as a member of the arlington county va community development citizens advisory committee and a member of the board of directors for the arlington partnership for affordable housing. Known for its urban villages and transitoriented development, arlington maintains a rich variety of stable neighborhoods, quality schools and enlightened land use. Encouraging transit oriented development case studies of tools that work introduction this document is a short summary of the tod tools that are used by communities all across the country. Do not harm transit oriented communities this project must not undermine arlingtons successful investment in congestionreducing transitoriented development in pentagon city, crystal city, or shirlington. Location in early 2015, apah began the redevelopment of our 27unit carlyn springs apartments into the springs, a fivestory, 104 unit mixed use development that is home to apahs headquarters. The springs will be located in transitoriented ballston, less than 12 mile from the ballston. Arlington county is a county in the commonwealth of virginia, often referred to simply as arlington or arlington, virginia. Arlington county, va the county manager sets a onetime fee based on the relative cost of building structured parking and adjusted annually that developers can pay if they opt out of providing parking. Benefits of transitoriented development 9 higher property values and tax revenues 9 increased residential and commercial values 9 increased revenues 10 reduced driving and air pollution 10 renewal of older neighborhoods successful programs to promote transitoriented development 14 arlington, va 14 portland, or 16 dallas and plano, tx 18. Arlington county, va, is one of the most successful examples of transit oriented development tod in the united states.

Quality of arlingtons public transit system art 5 4 3 2 1 9. Transit oriented development tod is the exciting trend in creating vibrant, livable communities which are compact and walkable, and centered around high quality train systems. Tod focuses public and private development around transit stations to create neighborhoods where people can safely walk, live, work, shop and play. Arlington countys experience with transit oriented development in the rosslynballston metro corridor by arlington county va. Rosslynballston tod corridor tsu growth management. Mixeduse, transitoriented development in arlington. The clarendon station is the smallest planned community comprising of 171. Transitoriented development transitoriented development tod is a community development model that incorporates housing, retail and commercial growth into walkable neighborhoods within a halfmile of quality public transportation. All stations could support mixedincome residential development, and modest stationoriented retail and services. New rules for shared escooters and ebikes in arlington.

The county is situated in northern virginia on the southwestern bank of the potomac river directly across from the district of columbia, of which it was once a part. Determine the minimum development density and land use mix, and the financially viable scenario likely to require the least amount of public subsidy. Ten tools have been selected by the center for transit oriented development and reconnecting america. Stationarea development that is compact and dense relative to its surroundings.

The stations are in a bulls eye pattern with highdensity development within a onequarter mile radius of the stations. Arlington county, as it embarks on its fifth decade of transit oriented development, continues to encourage commitment to planned smart growth, mixeduse, walkable communities served by high quality transit. Quality of customer service you receive from county employees. Highlights the population in the 22202 zip code area has increased by 26 percent to 20,760 people since the year 2000. This blog post shines a spotlight on 5 metro areas that are national leaders in transitoriented development tod. July 24, 2014 associate administrator for policy united. Highlights of green building development arlington, virginia 20062016. Rosslyn, court house, clarendon, virginia square, and ballston.

Department of community planning, housing, and development. But more importantly, this post also brings attention to the 4 key ingredients necessary to create successful tod. January 2020 arlington county board meeting agenda highlights. These important mixeduse neighborhoods reduce congestion by. Known for its urban villages and transit oriented development, arlington maintains a rich variety of stable neighborhoods, quality schools and enlightened land use. Vehicle ownership and journey to work census data shows that residents in the single family neighborhoods of the. The rosslyn ballston corridor in arlington, va, illustrates how tod can accommodate tre. Transit oriented development is spreading across america in awareness, theory and in practice.

Associate administrator for policy united states environmental protection agency 1200 pennsylvania avenue, nw washington, d 20460. It is time to embrace a new set of policies to take arlingtons commitment to sustainability to the next level. Blueprint for better transportation in northern virginia. Mobility lab is a research center and news source for transportation behavior and policy.

Arlington countys experience with transit oriented development in the rosslynballston metro corridor, this table demonstrates the significant opportunity for developers if they agree to the site planning process. Encouraging transit oriented development case studies that work united states environmental. It is based in arlington, virginia which has one of the largest transportation demand management programs in the u. Most of the growth has occurred in the pentagon city, crystal city and potomac yard neighborhoods. Transitoriented development along the rosslynballston corridor, looking west. Department of transportation dot, the virginia department of transportation vdot and the virginia department of rail and public transportation drpt. Staff has drafted a proposed amendment to the arlington county zoning ordinance aczo that. In a case study prepared for the transit cooperative research board, the authors zeroed in on successful tod tactics employed by arlington county officials. Affordable housing and transit should go handinhand. The countys longstanding commitment to transitoriented development, paired with smart economic development initiatives, has resulted in vibrant neighborhoods that promote a high degree of livability in the congested washington d. Court house, also known as courthouse, is a transitoriented neighborhood in arlington county, virginia.

This report, based on research undertaken by the baltimorewashington, d. It indicates the trends in the 22202 corridor are similar to those documented in other transit oriented neighborhoods in arlington. The vision for crystal city pentagon city aligns with these principles. The first section of this paper will define transitoriented development and provide illustrative examples. All sites would need debt and public financial assistance to succeed. Tod is the largescale solution to climate change and peak oil. Future development in the town center can improve upon the lessons of rockville town square and create a truly transitoriented community in rockvilles town center. Arlington, va 222024302, and to the office of management and budget, paperwork reduction project 07040188, washington, dc 20503. Transitoriented development, tod, technical assistance, section 5314 15. Factors and elements of success sam zimbabwe, leed ap, technical assistance director, reconnecting america apa florida chapter, transitoriented development workshop, september 4, 2008. Transit oriented development arlington county commuter services accs is funded in part by grants from the u.

The countys longstanding commitment to transit oriented development, paired with smart economic development initiatives, has resulted in vibrant neighborhoods that promote a high degree of livability in the congested washington d. Transit oriented development tod is gaining popularity as a tool to achieve sustainable development, particularly in india. Arlingtons highdensity transit corridor is considered a model example of transitoriented development, particularly because strong political will, community. Arlington to increase speeding fines in some residential neighborhoods. Urban forms and pedestrian, transitoriented urban design.

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