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As with anything condition is the key, however i have come to learn that with these particular notes, condition is a little more overlooked in lieu of acquiring a certain bank note from a particular region, state, county, etc. This edition includes a national bank note census cd for windows 98 or. National bank notes, small size notes, rare paper money. The complete denomination set of 1929 national bank notes. First charter national bank notes can be divided into two groups. They are quite fun to collect and can have and gain significant value. Newly published price guide for obsolete notes welcomed at show. Antique money old money from the first national bank of.

Ohio national bank notes 104 oklahoma pennsylvania 15 south carolina south dakota 1. Spiralbound book, brand new condition in the original shrinkwrap. The notes were backed by united states bonds the bank deposited with the united states treasury. National bank note lynbrook new york pmgvf 20 net damage. National bank note census rare paper money rare bank notes. Salt lake and ogden account for 77% of all known notes. Some of the bank notes are ultrarare and others are extremely common.

Pmg very fine 25 brotherhood of locomotive engineers cooperative national bank of cleveland. You can find our current collection of pa national bank notes below, or give us a call to sell some of your own collection. Kellys focus is on notes that he considers readily available, relatively. Old money from the knoxville national bank of knoxville 1871. Although very useful, with very few pictures and mostly price lists, it is a. One historically important or visually intriguing feature can send a piece of currency skyrocketing in collector interest and value. In addition, banks were required to maintain a redemption fund amounting to five percent of any outstanding note balance, in gold or lawful money. The notes were usually backed by united states bonds the bank deposited with the united states treasury. National bank notes were retired as a currency type by the u. When one compares these engravings to the more mundane designs on todays paper money, it is easy to understand the appeal of these wonderful collections. Although very useful, with very few pictures and mostly price lists, it is a very dry read. Type notes are the most popular area of collecting currency today.

In addition to the 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 denomination notes featured above, some major metropolitan banks issued 500 and notes. A guide with prices sixth edition reproduced from don kellys book nearly verbatim inspiration. Over 0 notes are illustrated in color with market values for grades typically encountered. National bank notes a guide with prices by kelly don c abebooks. Civil war, the federal government established a system of national banks throughout the country and in u. Utah had 34 issuing charters in 18 different towns. Larger image national bank notes book 6th edition 2008 don kelly retail. The national bank note company was created in an act of opposition to the growing monopoly in the engraving and printing industry. A compilation of years of research that is updated and even comes with a cd.

Under abraham lincolns presidency, a system of nationally chartered banks was created. It is a very useful reference book when buying and selling national notes. The new book made its debut at the international paper money show in. It is arranged in alphabetical order by state and contains state issues followed by those of banks. The passage of the gold reserve act created an accounting gain for the. There are 7 charters where a note is not known to exist. National bank notes values and pricing information sell. Looking for national bank notes from the state of new york. If this page loads without its corresponding top, left and bottom frames, click this link to refresh. State maps, a database of national bank cashier and president names and much more. A guide with prices, by don kelly, is now available in. The only smallsize series of national bank notes ever issued. Pmg choice fine 15 fr632 signatures of teeheeburke american national bank of san bernardino. Heritage auctions search, national bank notes 56 1173.

Kelly is the concise and complete reference for all national bank notes. Need i say that nationals can be a very expensive collectable. To assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for, we have grouped our available offerings into the following catgories. The national currency foundation aka nc foundation or ncf was established in june of 2011 as a new york state charitable organization and approved by the irs in august, 2012 as a 501c3 nonprofit operating foundation. This was an easy and popular denomination for national banks. National bank notes, federal reserve bank notes, national. This is a pretty typical print run for type2 national bank notes. This allencompassing census combines the data of both don kelly and martin gengerke into a single fully searchable database. Collectors keep the past alive, especially through collecting paper money. Acknowledgements the national bank note census nbnc. Liechtenstein artists commemorative essay test notes limited print of 1200 pcs.

National bank notes along with all other privatelyissued currency were retired by the u. We carry obsolete currency from all states including new york. Antique money old money from the national park bank of new. This edition includes a national bank note census cd for windows 98 or newer systems. Also included is a detailed 15page guide to authentication and a comprehensive checklist of national bank notes with rarity designations.

National bank notes large size corpus christi coin. Colonial, private bank notes popularly called broken bank notes, confederate and southern states notes, and large and smallsize federal issues. A national bank note is a type of currency issued by private banks in the united states. This note carries the longest bank title of all national bank notes and is very popular with collectors.

Original series and 1875 first charter national bank notes. Extremely hard to find type2 texas national bank note from this grayson county bank. If you are serious about nationals, then get this book. Original series spiked red and 1875 series rounded red seal. You can find our current stock of nationals from texas below, or give us a call if youre looking to sell any texas obsolete currency. The value of any paper money is based on when it was issued and how many are known to. National bank notes are an important part of history because they were first issued in 1863 by what is commonly known as the first national banks in the united states. If youre looking for a price list on national notes, this is a great book, although a little outdated. Original series notes were printed from 1863 up to 1875, which is when the 1875 series began. National bank notes sixth 6th edition by don c kelly new book w. The 624page book is a longawaited replacement for the legendary haxby fourvolume united states obsolete banknotes.

There are updated note values and populations based on a census of over 320,000 notes. National bank notes book 6th edition 2008 don kelly. They bear a fascinating variety of bank names and official signatures. National charter bank notes back up mount vernon coin. We will constantly be adding new inventory and will try to keep it interesting.

We hope to see you at the next pcda or spmc trade show. We are members of pcda and spmc, so be sure to stop by our table at various industry trade shows. The majority of the book consists of a detailed listing of the notes issued by all 12,635 national banks and census data on surviving notes, with updated values for each type and denomination. This is a new note to the census with a total of only 11 known. This is a buy it now for national bank notes sixth edition by don c. There are 1582 utah national currency bank notes known. Inside youll find over 500 pages that include a tutorial which lets you identify every type of national bank note. National bank notes were united states currency banknotes issued by national banks chartered by the united states government.

Yet series 1929 national bank notes top the list of every serious collector. Large size nationals referenced to national bank notes by don kelly. These notes were similar in overall appearance to most of the federal reserve notes that circulated from 1929 through the 1990s, with one important exception. Dont expect a high number to lower the value or a small number to increase the value. Nov 10, 2007 a very good resource is the 5th edition of don c. The national bank note census nbnc promises to be the most comprehensive resource ever created for collectors, dealers, and researchers of national bank notes. Guide book of counterfeit confederate currency by george tremmel and. National bank notes a guide with prices by kelly don c. Updated values and populations based on a census of over 320,000 notes. The notes, issued in both large and smallsizes, originated from a wide range of towns and cities. National bank notes sixth 6th edition by don c kelly new. National bank notes product categories liberty coin. Dimensions are 11 tall by nearly 10 wide with over 500 pages. Kelly, 1985, paper money institute edition, in english 2nd ed.

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